Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy During Car Rides

Going on a long road trip, or just driving down the street to run some errands can certainly be a better experience when you bring your pup with you for the ride. Traveling with dogs is so much fun, especially if your dog loves car rides to begin with. You are signing yourself up for some incredible and cherished memories of your dog having the time of their life experiencing the world with you. Though it may sound easy to get in the car and go, there are some things you will want to take into consideration when it comes to dog traveling adventures to ensure your furry friend is both safe and happy, especially if they are more on the anxious side.  

Let Them Run A Lot Beforehand

Before getting into how to travel with your dog, you will want to begin preparing even before getting into the car. Dogs are a lot like human children. If they have bottled up energy with no place to release it, then they will feel agitated and quite uncomfortable sitting still. If you are planning a long trip, take your dog to the park, or any place that has open fields so they can run and tire themselves out. They will be much more relaxed and content sitting in the car if you do this first. 

Pack the Essentials 

Something that every dog owner should never neglect, especially on long dog traveling trips, is packing the essentials. Your dog will need to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom just like you do. With that being said, make sure you bring plenty of food, water, treats, any medication, leashes, blankets, toys (to keep them entertained), and a doggy first aid kit if you have one. If your dog has high anxiety, to the point where a security blanket will not ease them, you can always invest in the Kululu Dog Car Seat Cover, which is designed to soothe even the most frightened and tense pups during travel. It also helps keep your car cleaner too, so it is a win-win for everyone. 

No Riding Shotgun 

This tip may not necessarily make your pup “happy,” but it will undoubtedly make them safer. Dogs riding in the front seat and sticking their head out the window may be cute, but it is dangerous, especially if you need to stop fast. Always make sure they stay in the backseat and have a reliable harness to ensure they will not catapult forward if you get into an accident. 

Take Frequent Breaks

If your trip has a long duration, then make sure to stop and take breaks every 2-3 hours (or more often if you wish). A decent break length is anywhere from 10-15 minutes, or longer, depending on your schedule. This not only allows your dog to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom, but you can also stand and loosen up yourself. It is also helpful if your dog is prone to car sickness as well. Something as simple as getting out in the fresh air for a few minutes can reset them and make them feel tons better. 

Never Leave Them Alone in The Car

We get it. If you are traveling by yourself, you may feel frustrated about not being able to go into a store or some other place that does not allow dogs. However, leaving your dog in the car alone, especially on extremely cold or hot days can quickly turn into a disaster. Not to mention, doing so is illegal in West Virginia and New Jersey. For instance, on a gorgeous, sunny, 78-degree day, the inside of your parked car can rise to over 100 degrees in just minutes. That heat mixed with their dense fur coat can be life-threatening. Your pup is your baby, so make sure you never subject them to harmful situations like this. 


Traveling with your pup is such a remarkable bonding time, but knowing how to travel with your dog the right way can make it even more enjoyable for everyone. But remember, not all dogs love that sense of adventure and the overwhelming amount of scents that come with riding down the road, giving them that euphoric high. Regardless if Fido is more on the reserved side, by following these helpful dog traveling tips above, you are surely paving the way for your pup to be safe, happy, and comfortable the entire time. 

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