The 15 Most Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots in the US

The 15 Most Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots in the US – A Guide to Travelling with Pets 

You want to go traveling, and the thought of leaving your pet behind makes you scared. So why not bring your pet on holiday with you? Well, finding pet-friendly locations while traveling with pets can be difficult.

That’s where we come in…

Below are the top 15 locations to go with your four-legged friend. Whether it’s long-distance travel with dogs, a gorgeous cat, or a tiny bunny – this guide will help you choose a destination in no time.

Lake Placid, New York 

This is the home of the outdoors. The beautiful landscape and romantic feeling are perfect for bringing your four-legged friend. Explore the lake’s beaches and hike around the region.

Portland, Oregon 

This city is known for being weirdly wonderful and has many pet stores, pet-friendly restaurants, and veterinarians.

Austin, Texas 

This is the home of pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals and has some fantastic outdoor spots to walk your dog.

Salt Lake City, Utah 

With thousands of hiking trails, this is a pet lover’s dream. More than 50 pet-friendly hotels make this the perfect spot to take your dog.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Traveling with pets can be hard. This beautiful place has several pet-friendly accommodation types and restaurants, all close to each other.

Greenville, South Carolina

Stopping in Greenville could be the best way to travel with a dog. With more than 230 pet-friendly restaurants per 100,000 people, this location has the nearby Paris Mountain State Park making it a beautiful place to go with your little friend.

Portland, Maine 

This location features the highest number of veterinarians per 100,000 people at 6.02. This place is cold, with the average high temperature never exceeding 80 degrees in summer.

Charleston, South Carolina 

This city offers a large number of dog parks and recreation activities, ideal for traveling with pets.

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you love being out in the warm outdoors with your pet, then think about visiting Scottsdale.

Newport, Rhode Island 

This coastal city is home to many dog parks, dog restaurants, and dog hotels. Newport loves their dogs.

Key West, Florida 

While this location doesn’t offer many hiking trails, there are many animal-friendly restaurants with sunny outdoor seating facilities. Traveling with pets has never been easier.

Savannah, Georgia

There is no need to worry about long-distance travel with dogs because it will all be worth it when you arrive in Savannah. Visitors to this location will find a large number of pet stores and hiking trails.

Orlando, Florida 

This is the theme park capital of the World and is also well known for its pet-friendly nature. Not only is there a massive amount of dog-friendly accommodation, but lots of hiking trails to take your dog on.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

This destination is lauded as one of the most inclusive American cities. Santa Fe has a large number of pet hotels and nearly 250 miles of hiking trails. Is this the best way to travel with a dog?

Asheville, North Carolina

The home of craft beer is also one of the best homes for pet-friendly holiday locations. Drink some beer and relax with your little pet at this gorgeous destination.

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